Two buzzards fighting mid air
Buzzards, fighting
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Three Guillemots standing on a rock
Guillemots of Mingulay
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Abandoned buildings on Kirkibost island

Kirkibost is a little uninhabited island behind our house. I’ve never been over until yesterday, but when our neighbours Conor and Katy asked, if we’re up for a walk, we said yes. When low tide is at it’s lowest, it’s fairly easy to walk over and cross the stream. It didn’t exactly work out unfortunately, but Conor and I made it over, we just had to swim a few meters.

Usually undisturbed from humans, Kirkibost has lot’s of nesting birds. We were very careful not to step on eggs or even chicks. These common gull chicks were very cute.

A duck mum
We saw this chick getting attacked by adult gulls, but it was fine.
Conor with his child on the back, checking the water level

Birds 🐦

This morning, I opened the front door just to find a very young bird sitting right in front of it. I stared at it, it stared back at me. The starlings living in our roof and around our house have finally hatched. And not only starlings, I also saw other kinds of birds. In general, it feels like there are more different birds in the garden this year. My camera is locked and loaded to shoot some birds.