Two buzzards fighting mid air
Buzzards, fighting
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Three Guillemots standing on a rock
Guillemots of Mingulay
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A great tern out

In the field behind the house some arctic terns are nesting. When we go for a walk in the bay, they show up flying overhead, checking if we are potentially dangerous. I tried to take a couple of photos, but these birds are fast. But I got this one.

Alternative titles: An interesting tern of events, u-tern, tern up for the books, Tina Terner, thanks for terning up.

Sorry for two bird-related posts in a row, I’ll make sure that it will take a tern for the better.


Birds 🐦

This morning, I opened the front door just to find a very young bird sitting right in front of it. I stared at it, it stared back at me. The starlings living in our roof and around our house have finally hatched. And not only starlings, I also saw other kinds of birds. In general, it feels like there are more different birds in the garden this year. My camera is locked and loaded to shoot some birds.